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Monday, July 4, 2011

Redirecting my blog

Hello peeps. To those who reads my blog whenever I update it (which I rarely do), I am officially redirecting my blog to tumblr. I realized that I can no longer find proper time to write some decent stuff instead I will be mostly photo blogging in tumblr. I will also be throwing in some quotes of my own and some poems from time to time. When I really find my brain working then I will write something more detailed. =)

Cheers! To my new blog! Link below :

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It has been quite a long time since I last updated my blog. Been running out of creativity juice yet again. This time the virus, it hit pretty strong. After a few months of poem writing in futility, I managed to scribble one out last night. 


It rattled and I opened my eyes
I know its not something that I should despise
Yet it fills my ears like cosmic noise
I stuttered and saw the world decolorize 
I wish the minute hand would turn anticlockwise
This is just one of those dreams I fantasize
I wonder and try to visualize
Will the cling and clatter end when I find paradise?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How I became Super Thila.

"As temperature approaches to -ve, the appetite approaches to infinity. Hence, the money in the pocket approaches 0." 

Now, it is the mid of Fall. I loved the very beginning of it, with colours of red falling from the sky as I cycled around. But now the temperature is going down. I love wearing shorts. I always wear shorts and right now I guess its time to give up. Damn. I can't stand it cause I'm losing to the weather. I also hate wearing sweaters and jackets. Windbreakers are okay. 

Its been below 10 degrees lately and I still am going around without a jacket and also still wearing shorts. Now, I'm not gonna give in to mother nature that fast am I? Haha. I do feel cold but somehow as I cycle the body heat helps to warm me up. I can stand a few more degrees lower I guess. 

As I was cycling back home after a squash game few days ago I stopped at a red light and there was another cyclist who stopped beside me, a white guy wearing some thick jacket and winter gloves. He looked at me wearing a summer sports attire and gave me a weird stare and said "Aren't you cold??" I replied "Umm, I guess a little bit. I am still okay with it." He started laughing and said "Are you from the North Pole or something??" And it was green light already. I was moving and shouted "I am a distant relative of penguins!!" 

It was actually about 5 degrees on that night. Did I feel cold? To be honest I did but after a 2 hours game of squash the intense body heat produced was far more than enough for me not to realize that it was cold out there. haha.

Oh there was another one more case too. I went out on a Saturday with two of my friends to a Bicycle Show at the Exhibition Centre in Toronto. We used a street car this time around and not the bicycle which was kinda rare. So the lady sitting beside me started a conversation with me and again the same question "You don't feel cold??" I said "Yes I do, but I'd rather sacrifice than wearing a jacket or long pants. Never mind its not THAT cold anyway. I am pretty young to be able to stand it." That was when she started calling me "Haha! I know! You are Superman!" and then the whole journey in the street car she was addressing me as Superman!!

Oh, and my friends was not able to control their laughter were laughing out loud as soon as we came out of the street car and hence they started calling me Super Thila!!

And that's the story of how I became Super Thila.

P/S. I do not like cold weather. I don't like. I want the warm sun. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010


And now I officially have someone to teach me Japanese! Yay!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creativity Juice

I'm running out of it at a very rapid rate. Will soon deplete. Then comes auto-pilot. And then what?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Should I continue this blog?

I am starting to wonder if I should continue blogging. Somewhere I just cant my blood mind to work on it. Its kinda sad when I abandon it no? I promised updates even list of things that should have been posted long time ago. Nothing happened eh?

Decide decide. A dilemma. To blog or not to blog? That is the question.

Me back in Taiping! Home sweet home. My abandoned house looks like rumah hantu. I shall take some pictures of it. Not much of a change in Taiping which I like but they bloody chopped off the lovely trees by the roadside at the main road connecting Taiping to Kamunting!! Damn it. Now looks botak.

Maxwell hill is still as lovely as ever. I hope they don't build the cable car. They are gonna destroy nature. =(

I got sick of kay-hell in one day. YAY!! 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Wonderful" birthday eve

21st April 2010

Kids we all have been through bad days. Bad as in as bad as you would normally shout in your mind "AHH. Damn it! This is the worst/unluckiest day of my life!" Now this is a story of one of those days. It is not my worst one though.

Woke up with no one beside me. Laptop sent for service yet AGAIN, so I spent the morning in the library going through emails and then took a short swim in Facebook. It was all normal until lunchtime. I skipped breakfast so kinda felt those gastric juices gaining force to invade and make a hole in my stomach.

You see, during any special days e.g birthday, last day of exam, last day of my life, etc etc. I would usually treat myself with a nice and lovely meal that I had never tried before (some turns disastrous =D). I felt a wee bit of happiness come descending by from heaven and each time this happens I'd dump my bicycle and start to walk. I strolled along the streets. Feeling adventurous I hunted for food in a new forest. A forest not taken. Was I familiar with the road? No, not at all.

Left, right, left, right, straight, right, left, reverse a bit, left again (and it went on). After about 30 mins of direction changes I ended up in front of a shop with the name Spicy Curry. The owner was a Pakistani. God oh god, the smell was so good. I ordered lamb curry with briyani rice, some vege and to drink some mango lassi. I gobbled up every single thing served. There was a lot of rice, my stomach has very little space but I stuffed it in! Like compressing gas to liquid! The tummy bloated and I could feel the high pressure inside (those who eat like a pig would know this lovely sensation).

Now now, as I was eating I totally forgot the outside world as I was in the world of food! Thila in Foodland (no outside foots allowed). When I came to my senses it was raining. I did check the weather forecast before I went out. I know it will rain but hey I made my own forecast and my brain said "You idiot those are for morons! Look at the sky its so bright, and sunny! and bright! and even sunnier now!" Now who is the moron? Sigh.

Back to the shop. It was raining, but hey its okay I love rain so I stood up to walk out. Hahhahaahahaha. And then there was trouble! I was a little tooooo full to walk. Painful like no tomorrow. One step and then Oww! another step Oww! Plus hey, I forgot how I ended up at that place. Dragged my stomach all over the place soaking wet and in a bit of cold. I have this pride about directions you know, a principle that I hold on to, "Ask no one for your way back!" No matter what happens, even if its a matter of life and death show no mercy to youself. Find your own bloodey directions! I will tell you one day how this principle came about to my mind. Thanks to one of my scouts expedition. =D

No, I did not die. Too much of food supply to die. Some 45 minutes later I snailed back home. Took a shower and lazied on the bed until the rain stopped. Then I went out again for a photography session, the best time to take pictures of flowers is 20 minutes before sunrise and a few minutes after the rain. I walked to the park about 20 minutes away, partial food was already digested. I felt comfortable walking now.

I took out the camera from the bag found some nice flowers and started my work. I only took about 5 proper shots when the screen showed "memory card full" Dang!! I did not transfer my previous shots the other day since laptop was dead. There goes my day again. Frustrated, I walked back home took my bicycle and headed to my Uni's library. They are open till 12 am so I planned to spend my time there.

All was good until 12 am. I went out from the library to my bicycle. The damn bicycle lock got stuck. The lock said "I'm paying back for leaving me under the rain unattended." It was rusted. I shall blame the weather. =D It's not over yet. I was struggling to open the lock, turning the key all over, pulling the lock, banging the lock with my bare hand (I was imagining as if my hand was a hammer), banging my head on the seat with frustration, not to mention the chilly cold wind. "Freeze!! Put your hand's up and turn yourself around, face up!" My hand was totally frozen and it was getting harder to manouvre it to open the lock. Then I kinda gave out a tiny scream (the ones we do when we want to put some energy into things) and heaved and pulled!! As I was acting and performing my silly act, I saw blue & red lights flashing around me. Then, a policeman came out of his car and shouted at me. "Hey you! Get your hands off that bicycle! I was watching you for some time now."

Oh God. Now what? A policeman comes by shouting at me thinking that I'm stealing my own bike at my birthday? What a day. I gave him my explanation. He still did not believe the bicycle was mine.
"You use only that key and open the lock, no smacking, and stop yanking it. If it opens the bicycle is yours if not sorry sir you'd have to come with me." My my, his voice was really deep and very authoritative. And he looked kinda scary as if he was ready to devour me. Another five minutes later the lock opened. ahhhh. I was relieved. He gave me a weird frowning look, "It's yours alright but I want to remind you that your bike does not have a headlight, and you don't have a helmet. You can get a ticket up to $300 for that." I simply went "Sorry sir, I'll get that done. Am I getting a ticket now?" (I wonder how many times I used this line but no lesson learned. =D) I knew what he was about to say and he did. "It's okay, just make sure you have it all set tomorrow."

And that's the story of how I spent my 20th birthday eve. Oh well, in the end I turned out lucky alright. =D

Friday, April 30, 2010

The update list

Okay, It has been a long time. I'm back. Quite a number of things to update so I came up with a short list before I post on each one of them individually later on. It comes with a title and a catch phrase.

1. "Wonderful" birthday eve
     - beware of gifts, they come in a package

2. Of gays and lesbians
     - sorry but I'm straight

3. X-Files and my phantom house, 74 Baldwin St
    - the truth is IN here

4. The night I stood still
    - an eye cleansing experience

5. Homecoming
    - I'm going home, to the place where I belong (Chris Daughtry)

6. Summer, sum up the heat
    - It's coming! The sun visits earth.

On an additional note, Jeffrey Khoo Boo Jin!! You wanted an update, here it is. Coming soon in my blog. haha. Probably I will post one per day. =D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

007 - Chick Ken

A chicken crossed the road and met James Bond,

"What's your name?" asked the chicken.

"Bond, James Bond. Whats yours?"

"Ken, Chick Ken."

~Stolen from somewhere in the world wide web.~

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It was a "lovely" February

Fab Feb babies were having Fab Feb fever but hey it was the worst month for me. Even the very beginning of February was a bad omen. 1st of February, I skidded skillfully on the road and fell from the bicycle and stood up in time to see my cool blue shades being crushed by a car. Cool eh?

My month of February was filled with a hell lot of challenges. AND each one of them were plotting something against my summer break!! Jahanam betul. They half succeeded. Sigh.. now I had to postpone me summer plans.. Out of 120 days of summer, I now have 30 days left.. =(

Some real important decisions were made in this month. Some tragic moments too. To my close friends who know what happened, thanks for the advice and thanks for being there when your presence was needed. It helped and meant a lot. =)

The weather hated me too. Winter was at the end but it was more like the beginning. Filled with sudden crazy snowstorms.

There was a HUGE hole in my pocket. No. Not just a HUGE hole. That's an understatement. It was a HUGE blackhole. It sucked and sucked me dollars dry. Textbooks are fuckin' expensive.

Textbook was not the only thing. MY WIFE!! She really sucked me dry I tell ya. (it sounds wrong =O ) Sigh.. she petitioned a temporary divorce with me. Haih.. and the money went to the celaka punya lawyer.

One fine day in my lovely February, I took a bus on a Saturday and I had to buy the ticket from an automated billet machine (ticket counter closed on weekends). I was in a hurry and went to the machine, press press press and I wanted a two way ticket. Usually when I buy at the counter they give me one ticket which can be used for to and fro journey. I thought it should be the same. The price of the ticket on the screen was the same so I checked it and took it out. THEN I saw what was written on the ticket, "This pass can only be used for the date printed." and the date was for only a day meaning i have to use it on that day itself to go and come back which was not my plan. I wanted a return ticket after two days. I had to get a new one. Damn it.

February was also the month when I lost my beloved bag. Geram betul! I was in a food court. Ate my food and I went to throw my leftovers in the bin. I left my bag on the table for that moment. It was the case of "now you see, now you don't" Celaka tul. AHH. I searched for it for a few days!! Nowhere to be found.. My calculator, my pencil box with all kinda stuffs in it, my NOTES, my file folder.. ALL gone.. gone.. gone with the wind... fark it. More dollars out of the pocket.

Haih.. I guess that's about it..

But hey, like someone said "all of February was bad for you except for one day!" hahaha. Yes! I shall add to it another one day! It was for two days remember?! =D